Crypto Commercials from Super Bowl LVI 2022

Watch the 2022 Super Bowl LVI crypto ads

With more and more players across the NFL and other major league sports electing to be paid in Bitcoin [BTC] (via the Strike Payments app) and the notoriety that brings via the news, we expect continued mass visibility around around cryptocurrencies and sports. With sports fans being twice as likely as non-sports fans to be interest in cryptocurrencies and 24% of them owning crypto the advertisers will increase their targeting of this demographic.

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Super Bowl LVI was hyped as being advertising heavy for crypto exchanges, NFTs and metaverse references. We found it to be more of the traditional, with automobile ads, traditional finance and insurance ads, sprinkled with a bit of crypto exchange ads in between. And, if you think about it, these crypto ads are just an extension of… or just the new eTrade or TD Ameritrade commercials of the past. Below we highlight the major crypto ads of Super Bowl LVI.

How many crypto businesses advertised during Super Bowl LVI 2022?

4 crypto businesses, all exchanges advertised during Super Bowl LVI 2022

  1. FTX- ‘Don’t Miss Out’

FTX brought in Larry David’s comedic expertise and powerhouse celebrity to introduce those to its crypto trading platform. FTX, known by MLB fans for its all encompassing partnership might have found some new fans within the NFL after Larry David’s “Freezing Cold Takes” shtick where he is continuously wrong about what the next big thing is.

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2. eToro — ‘Flying Your Way’

eToro, an Israeli social trading and multi-asset brokerage company that focuses on equities, forex as well as crypto trading. Their 30-second commercial highlighted its community where millions share ideas via chat, trade stocks and crypto. The commercial did a good job of making viewers feel that their platform was more friendly and an individual wasn’t alone in making risky decisions around where to best place their money.

3. Coinbase — ‘QR Code’

While Coinbase’s commercial was ranked as one of the worst by many ratings groups, the commercial was a huge success. Crypto enthusiasts and tech nerds familiar with what a QR code is, quickly crashed Coinbase’s servers as their platform was overwhelmed by users trying to signup and enter to win millions in crypto and NFTs.

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4. — ‘Fortune Favors the Brave’

A sports centered commercial featuring LeBron James and a young LeBron James, takes the opportunity to ask his older self about the future. has been investing in sponsorships with F1, the UFC and purchasing naming rights of the previously known Staples Center — the home of the Lakers, Sparks, Clippers and Kings.

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